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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


The sail to Porto Vecchio was as usual motoring and sailing. It seems we've managed to miss just about every beam wind on offer, which was disappointing to say the least. At least we made it through the dreaded Bonifacio Straits unscathed.

yachts moored in the bay

Slowly contemplating the approach

 The approach to the Marina at Porto Vecchio was a little tense. There only appeared to be a very narrow channel from the outer heads to the entrance. Either side, the channel was apparently quite treacherous (3-4 meters) and entering at night time could be deadly for the inexperienced. It happens to be the same channel that it used by the ferry we would later return to the mainland in.

We made it ok then entered the marina.

A minor catastrophe when David fumbled the reversing into the mooring and clipped a boat.  Austral now has a few scars to remind us of the event.

Once more a marina facing a string of restaurants  on the esplanade, a tourist village high on the hill, but with a couple of huge supermarkets on a Greenfield site just out of town.  In the village we stopped at a bistro whose sign said it was a fast food shop.  We entered, sat down, waited, went over to the waitress, placed an order, watched the staff float around talking to each other, after 20 minutes, asked if we could have our food and got told off because we are on holiday and should relax.

We walked the 2 km to the supermarket.  It was huge, bigger than what we have in Aus.  It was packed with fellow tourists pushing around trolleys packed with huge quantities of food.  Everything was very reasonably priced, sometimes even cheaper than mainland prices.

leaving in the early morning

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