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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Solenzara will be home for 'Austral' for 9 months. 
We spent three days preparing the boat for storage, wandering around the village and eating out every night.  We were winding down; it was hot and humid and we lacked the motivation to do anything but take it easy.   
Approaching Solenzara
a birds eye view of the marina
Anne up the mast  securing the wind cups for winter
Nevertheless all was in place and well stored when the boat was lifted out of the water for a 2 month stay on the land followed by 7 months back on the water. This was brought about by a confusion about just how much it was going to cost to store the boat for the whole time on land.

looking down the mast

A sad last look at the Austral before it went onto the hard.
Ready to be 'wrapped' for winter
We moved into a nice room at the Maquis et Mer hotel with a pretty view of the sea and the marina and slept in a real bed for the first time in 3 months - heaven!
The houses of Solenzara
The scene from our hotel window
 On Sunday we caught the bus back to Porto Vecchio and boarded the Pascal Paoli, a small ferry for 500 people.  We had an comfortable inboard cabin and although the motor vibrated away all night, we still got some sleep.

We arrived back in Marseille at 8 the next morning.  It was a comfortable trip and really quite economical.  It was not difficult to catch the Metro from Jolliette to Gare St Charles, board the fast train and 3 ½ hours later arrive in Paris.

'Au revoir' France, we'll miss you!

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