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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enfin nous sommes en France!!!

The trip here was long but mostly uneventful. An hour to Melbourne, an hour wait, 9 hours toHong Kong, 4 hours wait (instead of 2), and then 13 hours to Paris. The food was fair and the service great. The trip to Paris was a little rough.

After a taxi ride to the bank, we spent 1 1/4 hours filling in forms; ah, the French beauracracy. We then struggled with75kg of luggage the 500 metres to the Gare de Lyon. These little trials are true tests of the strength of marriage. We finally figured out which train and platform we were on more by accident than design and struggled even more to the 13th coach on a train half a kilometre long.

Now we are relaxed, ambling our way through the hindquarters of Paris heading for Dijon. Next year no luggage and no rush, I swear.

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