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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Ah, the romance of boating down the Rhone
Two days ago, life was bliss, floating in the lake at the confluence, wandering over to the shops and supermarket next door, taking the metro to far off tourist sites and then- we set off down the Rhone.

The wavelets just out of Lyon didn't perturb us at all, but further down, all hell broke loose; winds to 75 kmh, waves over a metre high and less than 3 metres apart.  We were using the internal helm and it was becoming more and more difficult. Lines fell overboard and dragged behind, the solid boom vang lashings started coming loose and anything that wasn't stowed securely just fell on the floor. We fixed everything and battled on as there was nowhere safe to tie up.

We finally arrived at Les Roches de Condrieu shaken and humbled by the enormous force of the weather.  We checked the weather at the capitainerie and it looked like the next day was identical.

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