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Sunday, April 29, 2012


Les Roches is no place to stay: no shops within 5km, no wifi, no mobile phone and in the small village, no people.

We decided to move on to Valence and face the Demon Rhone. This time I stood at the outside helm and rodeoed our way down.  We clung to the edges of the river where depth allowed and braved the heavy stuff when we couldn't.  Anne took the helm for a while then, when I took over, we hit a really rough patch. Spray lashed across the decks and stung me with its ferocity. I was drenched in a few minutes.  Anne sat in the gangway smiling.
Nevertheless we motored on and realised that this was no worse than a day at sea given that it felt a great deal easier to be in control from the outside helm.

Dressed for the antarctic?
70km and 3 locks later, we arrived at Valence

We made good time sometimes touching 18 kmh because of the current. When we arrived at Valence, we immediately met up with Roger whom we had met and travelled with last year. They own a Smelne Vlet, a wonderful, large and modern riverboat but with a style of a Dutch fishing trawler.  We also met up with Michael and Sue Townley whom we first met in Lyon.

Early next morning we headed off for Viviers, and THAT is another story!

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