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Thursday, April 19, 2012


After an early, freezing start we arrived in this, my favorite town on the Saone. No-one else was at the landing, which is quite a change from last year when you were lucky to find a spot to moor. 

 The local market was on in the town square and it felt good to be back in such a delightful place where the locals greet us with smiles and lots of ‘bonjour’.

Excellent coffee was had at the small bar in the main street while our clothes washed and dried in the local ‘Laverie’. Buying a small washing machine once again seems a good idea as one very small wash cost $8.

The sun has come out and hopefully the weather will begin to improve as we head down the river.

Tonight we have booked in to the local restaurant ‘Emil Job’ for my birthday. Perhaps our ‘boat’ clothes won't be frowned upon.

After a celebratory champagne on board Chris and Viv's boat (our new English friends) everything went beautifully.

A bavarois and creme brulee - just a visual taste of the wonderful night out. 

We ambled back to the boat with moon shining on the river and needless to say slept very soundly.

the park on the esplanade
 The whole experience left us  with the best memories of the little town.

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