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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Returning to SJDL was somewhat nostalgic. The boat was in the water ready to go.  It was filthy. 9 months of dirt, rain, snow, atumn leaves, slime and mould covered every square centimetre.  We started cleaning up, but the boat will not be clean for many weeks.
We walked aroud the village, remembering the houses, the river, the quietness.  We had tea at a little tapas bar. It was a great mixture of savouries. We finished off with icecream which included a scoop of Basil flavour; interesting. That night we stayed on a roomy river boat, a vedette.It had a shower and real toilet.
The next day was cleaning, shopping for food and paying bills.  At 6, we moved onto the Saone so that we could make a quick getaway in the morning. We left at 7:30 and in no time we were at the lock at Seurre. In fact, the entire journey took very little time at all. We were tied up at Chalon by 1:15; we were expecting the journey to take 8 hours, but motoring with the current and taking less than 15 minutes to complete each lock meant the we were well ahead of schedule. The only issue was the weather; constant drizzle and the outside temperature never rose above 8 degrees'
Now we are sitting in Maccas blogging; free wifi and free heat. The Port  de Plaisance is next to a major shopping precinct and so it's shopping tomorrow and touring on Tuesday.
Au revoir

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