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Thursday, April 19, 2012


We decided to stop at Macon even though the Capitaine at Chalon said the main marina was closed for repairs. We arrived at the small landing, right in front of the main town and it seemed like a good idea even though we knew there was no power or water. 

Macon turned out to be quite disappointing. The local council has gone to great ends to make the town exciting, but it appeared to be very empty and rather uninviting. Perhaps the warmer weather will bring out the crowds. 
We are now very aware of the strong current and need to keep our wits about us whenever we moor – it’s so easy to be pulled either out into the mainstream or forced against the pontoon. So far, no dramas.

 We survived a night with no power although all computers were flat and so resorting to reading and sodoku came in handy.

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