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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We had great expectations about Calvi. The trip there was rough with 30 knot face on winds and big swells.  Motor-sailing was really all we could do for most of the time.
Once in port, our enthusiasm quickly disappeared, along with the poor service, sardine-like mooring and generally excessive touristy feel. It was a bit like going back to the south of France in the Languedoc area - streets were full of cheap trinkets and dog poo.

Coming in to moor
big boats (always closer to the action)

On top of that the WiFi was out of action (oh no!) and we were told to "go next door and buy an extension plug for electricity" for 52 euro. This was pretty annoying as we had been squashed into half a catamaran berth along with another unsuspecting boat and only had access to oversized electrical connections.

Enough said, we were not happy.

We probably should have taken a mooring buoy out in the adjoining bay like so many other yachts had!

So we soldiered on for the night and put up with the squeaking, squashed fenders and long hot walk to the town.

Our next stop was Cargese, some 30 miles south.

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