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Sunday, June 17, 2012


 Capraia Island was just a slice of heaven.

The sail over from Livorno was a dream. We motor-sailed part of the way (nobody's perfect) and sailed the rest. Sun shining, a few clouds floating by and the occasional ferry/cruise ship passing silently in the distance. As one island nearly disappeared from the horizon another came in view. We napped, ate and relaxed in the sun and then effortlessly sailed into the bay.

Such a lovely, lay-back village. We spent the day and night here, having difficulty believing how lucky we were.

The road around the marina was lined with small shops and cafes. Coffee, (it's still Italy) was brilliant and  the atmosphere so relaxed.

for Marty - a Fontaine Pajot - very nice!

As the day continued, more and more yachts slid into the marina. Prices were reasonable for berths and services and not quite as high as expected, (alas, it is Italy!)

We spent time as usual walking around the island and up the steep road to see the local sights.

Our boat (in the middle) right up against the dock.

A very unassuming local church
Some Spanish/Portuguese influence?

We settled in for the night and prepared to make the next  sail to the island of Corsica.

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