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Friday, June 8, 2012


We last visited Livorno in 1989 and left being fairly unimpressed. This time the feeling is different. Everything about the city, the port and the general atmosphere is positive. We've had some of the best experiences in Livorno and feel completely relaxed and 'at home'.

Our first impression was that of the entry port. We dreaded it. So many stories we were told about it being to busy, dangerous and not worth visiting were untrue. Admittedly, the sight of huge cruisers near the marina were rather challenging although they didn't even cause the slightest ripple to our mooring.

The Corsica/Sardinia ferry sits side by side to the mega cruisers and a 60m yacht.

Will it Fit? No its just an illusion.
Once in our mooring, which by the way was very reasonable in price, we set about exploring the city and sampling the coffee. It is so good to sit down to an expresso that has strength and flavour and know that each time you order it will be great.

The first time we ventured into the main town centre the walk was a little challenging. The capitaine at the marina suggested we take our dinghy up the canals and do our shopping by the water highway.
So off we went and had the time of our lives.

The first  bridge to pass under to the canal
David at the dinghy helm

Nearing the island in the canal

One of the smaller canals

The widest bridge in Europe

Looking up to the roadway from under the bridge

Beautiful buildings lining the canal

Once up the canal, we moored our boat and walked up to the huge market. This was was quite an experience. The undercover building seemed endless, housed everything from fish to meats to vegetables and fruit. Then we moved outside to find even more streets full of produce. Prices were very reasonable and quality was brilliant.

We bought a kilo of the biggest mussels for 3Euro and enjoyed the best dinner back on board. Heaven!

The fish market

Self serve wine bottling

The bride and groom
The busy atmosphere of the market streets was interrupted for some minutes by a newly married couple walking through. Spontaneous clapping erupted as they made their way past the market stalls.

Our dinghy moored at the bottom of the small wharf

The market stalls sold everything from clothes to cottons and seemed to be doing a brisk trade.

We'll be staying here for a few more days as the weather to Corsica still looks threatening (I admit I'm a bit of a wimp!)

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tom said...

Hi Guys,
You have become really experienced explorers. Love the photography and stories in each of the port you visit. Good to most days you have sunshine and can do some touring around. Did you climb the tower at Pisa? We went to Kate Bristows poetry book launch on Wed and last night I wnet to see my friends son in a performance at Ocean View College.
2.5 degs C in Adelaide this morning.
Regards Tom