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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Delightful Cargese!

Thank goodness we found this place after the awful time in Calvi.

Once again, the wind was hopeless, so we sunbaked and fished, although seriously there are no fish in the Mediterranean! Still it kept us busy.

Once we arrived, everything was back to perfect again. The marina was very small, quiet and so peaceful. Again we used the dinghy to get around (it's now permanently stored at the back of the boat) and life was easy. Services were excellent, WiFi strong and free and good coffee was had at each of the 4 restaurants on the marina's edge.

looking from our boat to the shore

 The town itself was up the hill about a kilometer walk away, so we made the trek up the road behind the marina, past the quaint cemetery with little mausoleums and into the busy town.
the family mausoleums and graves above the marina

 Coming up the path you past between two churches either side of a small valley, one Greek orthodox, the other Roman Catholic.

As usual, we stocked up on drinks, fruit and delicacies, had coffee and panini and wandered around the busy narrow streets. I cannot imagine doing this walk too often.

oversized panini lunch

The views from the top of the track were incredible. Our boat is lined up against the breakwater wall with only a dozen others. In high summer it would be impossible to get in.

The view from half way up the mountain.

It seems some well meaning person has introduced prickly pear and now it's all over the hill.

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