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Sunday, June 24, 2012


At Last, Corsica, and what a delightful introduction. We sailed and motored from the Island of Caprai in beautiful weather. Once again the Med brought no joy to David with wind of 6 and 7 knots and only a few opportunities to bring out the sails. 

The port of Macinaggio was  a pleasure to be in, not only because of it’s very attractive marina but also because we were back in France. Hearing the spoken French was so enjoyable. We could communicate albeit clumsily and the sounds around us were gentle as opposed to the loudness experienced on the Italian Mainland.

As you can imagine, everything cost more although the staples, bread, patisseries and coffee remained the same. The coffee, by the way, was still strong and worth drinking. 


The marina is beautiful, small and meticulously kept. Nestled in a protected bay, it was the perfect place to moor. The rugged Corsican scenery that is so famous now surrounds us it seems at every turn. House are perched on hilltops and ancient winding roads lead to small villages dotted all over the coast. 


As a treat we decided to try the 'Moules marinieres and frites'.

Once again, brilliant, yummy and filling.

The stay in Macinaggio was amazing. The town and marina felt comfortable and secure making it all too easy to sit back, relax and do very little work. I can see we'll be doing a lot more of this as the Corsican sail continues.

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