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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The trip around the top of Corsica was in every way, a breeze. The wind blew gently as we passed mountains and inlets, seeing every now and then a yacht passing by. It always seems that we're going in the wind-less direction while these boats are zooming by, all sails out.
Entering the marina

Still, patience was rewarded once we arrived. The marina was perfect, small and provided a very comfortable stay. The water was crystal clear with dozens of small (30cm) fish nibbling around the boat. So far we haven't been knocked back for a spot to tie up, but small marinas like this, must definitely be difficult to find a place in, in High summer.

It was delightful to wander down the narrow streets, stopping for a coffee, or just sightseeing. The tourist feeling was acceptable, Everything felt layback, although you could sense they were waiting for the influx of thousands once the real holidays start.

The road by the quay

coffee time

Dave (heavily bearded)

One of the highlights of our stay in St Florent was being able to swim in the adjoining beaches.

The water was crystal clear and relatively shallow from around the marina entrance to the sandy beaches across the bay. Taking the tender out for a spin was fun and gave us the chance to explore the area a little.  So often the water inside the marina, even though clear, is forbidden to swim in.

Having the dinghy was great!!

Two bronzed Aussies

During the day we noticed this flying dinghy overhead, buzzing around the bay.

So with some regret but looking forward to the next stop, we left St Florent for Calvi, further down the coast.

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