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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


After a very calm night and a scrumptious dinner we set out really early, hoping to avoid the predicted rain showers in the afternoon. How peaceful the marina seemed, the memory of the near disaster made even more poignant.

The boat roared along at 18 kmh (considering the current was running at 10kmh) and mostly the 78 km trip was pretty uneventful. The Locks were a breeze, even though I still feel queazy every time we approach one. The deepest lock in France, Bollene, was a pushover. The boat went down 23 metres in about 7 minutes and it felt amazing.

Ultimately the rain did come and so it was on with the complete wet weather gear, rain full in the face but thankfully, NO wind.

We made it to Avignon in record time to be met by old boating friends Sue and Richard.

Avignon was a lazy stay with a short walk into the city. It was May day and so everything but tourist restaurants were shut.
Still, we made the most of it by catching up with boat maintenance and a few delightful coffees and pastries in small avant guard cafes.

Approaching 'Utopia' a rather chic bistro.

 The river current at the quay was quite challenging but the boat remained rock steady until small speed boats went by. The massive waves created were more threatening than those from large cruisers.

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