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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


On Thursday we took the train to Aix en Provence. The area is well known as the inspiration for many Impressionist and cubist artists and so it seemed a terrific opportunity to do some 'walking in their footsteps'. We found, however, that it's basically a tourist town selling it’s history.  Cezanne's studio was a long way out and most of the artifacts were somewhere else being restored. 
A bit disappointing to say the least.

Asparagus by the Kilo!

I also think that you can look into just so many dress shops and then it’s time to go.

So, after a week in Marseille we left, having had a great time enjoyed terrific food and experienced totally different cultures.  
We had to rest on Sunday because the wind was so strong.  On Monday, we set sail for La Ciotat.  The first leg was great, with the wind behind us but it eventually it died down and we motored into La Ciotat.  What a port.  A company has taken over the old shipyards and is servicing huge luxury yachts.  Many were stored on land and some were even completely wrapped in plastic to preserve them over winter.
A 'wrapped cruiser'

La Ciotat seemed very quiet; just waiting for the summer tourist season.  The old 'Centre Ville' was empty and although many of the shops were shut it still had a quaint feel about it.

The beautiful harbour entrance
One of the 'big' yachts

We took a bus to the main shopping centre and after much hunting, found an Orange shop to sort out recharging our wireless modem. Anything remotely to do with IT is sooo difficult in France. Bureaucracy wins every time.