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Thursday, May 31, 2012


We all felt fairly privileged to sail into Genoa. the idea that we were sailing into the same port as Christopher Columbus did hundreds of years ago was quite awe inspiring. The port is now huge and very much a working harbour. Even though there are hundreds of yachts moored in the port, they shrink in importance to the massive industrial tankers and cargo boats that fill the harbour.

Our mooring was exceptional, modern and close to facilities, which by the way were a bit over the top (automatic fragrance dispensed as you walked into the bathrooms). As chance would have it we met some delightful exAussies in the boat next to us. We're indebted to Michael and his partner for their generous loan of an internet dongle and their good company while we were there. Without it we would have found keeping in touch with home really difficult.

The two days were spent exploring the city with Martin and Merrilee, eating the most amazing local dishes and generally having a great time.
the gorgeous waitress at the farinata cafe

An incredible restoration
David and I spent a few hours keeping our cultural side alive by visiting  the Doges palaces and art galleries. The wealthy Genoese noblemen had no problems displaying their grandiose wealth.

It was quite sad to see so many beautiful palaces in the old city had been destroyed by the allies during the 2nd WW although the city has rebuilt most of the bombed areas and is conserving those that can be saved.

Many beautiful buildings now have the top halves restored while the bottom levels are original. Where cornices and carved sculptures cannot be replaced 'trompe L'oeil' has been used quite successfully.

the courtyard of a city palazzo

The views from the top of one building were breathtaking.

Sadly, Martin and Merrilee left the boat during our last morning in Genoa as they are travelling on to other places. We will certainly miss them.

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