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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Approaching St Tropez
Eventually we rounded the Cap De St Tropez, and, after some confusion at the Marina acceuil we moored up and went for the usual exploration around town.  St Tropez, although past its belle epoque, is still a huge tourist mecca.  Thousands of people were wandering along the quai and up and down the little side streets.

We stumbled into a gallery that had a retrospective exhibition of Charles Dufresne, an early 20th C naive painter.  We thought we would look upstairs at the small permanent collection. Wow! There were Vuillards, Bonnards, Matisses, Signacs and Seurats to name a few. There were some simply beautiful works. 

It appears that all of the artists stayed in St Tropez at some time during their careers.

As we prepared another lovely tea, more and more sailboats and 100’ long power yachts motored in to stay for the night.  St Tropez is still a bit of a watering hole for the conspicuously affluent.

We are once more sitting in the port waiting for for Easterly gales to abate.  Right now, it;s off to the local market on the quai.

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