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Monday, May 7, 2012


Off we went across the Golfe de Fos.
We were heading South East and that’s exactly where the wind was blowing.  On top of that, huge cargo boats thundered up and down the channels we were crossing.  Finally, we turned on the cast Iron genny and got to Carro in quick time.

This is a wonderful little fishing port.  It has room for 200 very small boats and, it seems, one visitor’s space.

our dinner
Tuna @ $20E kg

We stayed a day, wandered around the port to buy fish, have a crepe and coffee and returned to Austral.

The locals playing petanque
The town is quaint and doesn't have the 'touristy' feel like so many others along the coast. Shops are small and streets are named after local heroes.
Anne sewed and I restored the mast wiring system. I had taken the TV masthead amplifier home and guessed how to repair to it, as it might have have a lightning strike. Once installed, lo and behold, real French TV.  Now we were able to follow the french elections on 15 channels.  I also threaded the new anemometer cable through the headlining ready to instal the unit when we get to Marseille.

With our boat safely moored at the pier we waited to set off the next morning for Marseille.

the 'Austral (on the right)
The hills above Marseille on the horizon

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