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Sunday, May 27, 2012


On our sail to Cannes, we managed to set the gennaker and had a very nice but short sail in light winds.
Cannes is remarkable.  It is the height of the film festival and so there are thousands of business  types and hangers on milling around.  Most of them have their mandatory lanyard with photo ID which allows them entree into the marketing areas and also the food and drinks that are laid on for them

party dressed wannabes waiting for the stars to arrive
The shopping seems endless and the prices are sky high. It seems incredible that pair of men’s shoes could cost $2500.  We spent the days wandering around looking at the shops, looking at the red carpet where the stars walk up and down, walking up to the old tower on the hill, doing the washing, waiting for Kym Kardashian (whose giant motor yacht was opposite), to come out onto the deck and generally looking in awe at some of the largest pleasure ships we had ever seen. 

looking across the Cannes marina
The display of conspicuous consumption really does beg the question “What global financial crisis?”.  At night, the big ships glowed with mood lighting and some thumped on partying to the next day.

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