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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


On the way to Savone
Merrilee enjoying the incredibly pleasant weather
What a pleasant surprise to arrive in such a picturesque fishing harbour. The town of Savano is one of those that you dream about – a small fishing port surrounded by ancient and new buildings with very little evidence of being spoilt by the tourist trade.

Coming into the port we passed by old shacks and dozens of fishing boats and were quite surprised to find less than 150 yachts in the port. (we 're usually confronted by thousands!)

When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly ‘capitaine’ who arranged to have the bridge opened for us to enter the port and who made every effort to make us welcome. We felt completely at home and spent the next day sampling the coffee, exploring the port and shopping for tea. 

The city gives you an immediate feeling of comfort and, being so close to the activity makes it easy to wander on and off the boat for shopping and services. The fish and  market opened early next morning and so we were able to stock up on fresh sardines and fish for the next night's tea.

Martin, Merrilee and David choosing fish
The city itself is very quaint. Old, ancient structures can still be found relatively intact, while relatively recent sculptures seem quite common in the streets and on the port wharf.
The bronze mermaid lying next to the boats
A 'blue' dog on the footpath - no idea why!

Heading for the bridge

Coming out of the harbour the next day day was a little daunting as after we passed under the bridge the huge size of the 'Costa Atlantic' made us feel like we were in Lilliput land.

We left the port with some feelings of regret as I'm sure we all felt we'd love to live there, but we had to move on......................

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